We offer a professional garden maintenance service throughout the year, with lawn care programmes, one-off tidy ups/makeovers for a special occassions or regular visits.

Grass Cutting and Strimming

At Tendring Garden Services we provide a regular or one off lawn cutting service, using top of the range professional mowing equipment, we have a variety of mowers and strimmers for any size lawns.

Lawn Care Programmes

At Tendring Garden Services we can provide a lawn care programme tailored to the needs of your lawn, this will include weeding agents, fertilisers, scarification and lawn aeration, followed up with top dressing and feeding to ensure your lawn is lush and green.

Lawn Scarification

Using our professional grade scarifying equipment we can reduce the surface thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a build up of organic matter which naturally forms on your lawn. By de-thatching a lawn it encourages fresh growth making the lawn lush and green again.

Lawn Aeration/Hollow Tine

Aerating/Hollow Tining is the process of removing a core of soil and thatch from your lawn, this allows water, air and nutrients into the root zone of your lawn, encouraging new growth.

Pruning and Lopping

At Tendring Garden Services we have all the equipment and expertise to ensure your shrubs and small trees are pruned or lopped ensuring they look their best all year round.

Hedge Trimming and Reduction

Hedge trimming should be carried out at least twice a year to ensure they look their very best all year round. Here at Tendring Garden Services we are passionate about hedge trimming using the best equipment to undertake the task safely and securely.

Tree Care and Stump Grinding

At Tendring Garden Services we offer expert tree care services and are equipped to undertake any small or large tasks ranging from lopping, pollarding, crowning and felling. Tendring Garden Services can also undertake stump grinding, where we mechanically grind down the main root plate to leave a mulch like sawdust which can be used on your garden or taken away.

Garden Maintenance and Weed Control

At Tendring Garden Services we understand that you may not have the time or the tools to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. We can offer one off clean-ups and make-overs or regular garden maintenance and weed control, to ensure your garden is always at its best.

Barn and Fence Painting/Spraying

Here at Tendring Garden Services we are fully equipped to undertake anything from painting fence panels to spraying barns, stables and outbuildings.